Solid Oak Stair Nosing

The perfect wood stair nosing for your stairs is here. We can help you make your oak flooring look even better with our oak stair nosing strips. We offer different widths and thicknesses to match the perfect aesthetic of any staircase or landing so that it’s seamless when paired together.

In addition to L-shape profile bars, we offer two types of solid wood stair nosings. The only dimensional difference is the rear, where it connects to the tread. Type a is slightly shallower than type b, although overall, the depth is the same, and these are made from solid oak.

Type A                                                                Type B


Type A is slightly shallower than Type B, although overall the depth is the same.

These are the best options to finish your oak floor seamlessly with your stairs, available in different widths and thicknesses.

If you need any help with deciding which is the correct profile for your needs, please call us on  01392 537800